Links and Other Resources: California Laws and Organizations

There are government, community, and statewide organizations that explain, advocate, and legally enforce workplace health and safety principles. Know who to contact and for what reason.

Laws & Regulations

California Department of Education

(Search: “California Education Code”)

Search for specific work experience, WorkAbility or other school-based programs for specific codes that regulate that program.


(Division of Occupational Safety and Health, California Department of Industrial relations)

Develops and enforces California regulations and standards. Takes workers complaints and inspects workplaces. Provides a consultation service to assist employers. Has publications and searchable Cal/OSHA standards.

Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, California Dept. of Industrial Relations

Provides free, confidential advice and assistance to employers.

Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

Enforces California labor laws. Telephone: (415) 703-4810

Industrial Welfare Commission

To view and/or download copies of industry-specific wage orders.

Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Dept. of Labor

Enforces federal labor laws. (415) 744-5590

Health & Safety Information

Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP), UC Berkeley

Offers curricula and staff training for high school teachers, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, job training staff, WorkAbility program staff and others.

Curricula include Teens, Work and Safety, with separate week-long units for English, Science and U.S. Government classes; Work Safe!, a 3-4 hour introduction to job health and safety and workplace rights for youth employment, WorkAbility and other work experience programs; and Teens Working in Agriculture, a week-long curricula designed for ESL students.

Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program (LOSH), UCLA

(Click on “Projects” then “Youth Project.”)

Offers curricula and staff training for high school teachers, job training staff, career exploration teachers and others, especially in Southern California.

Five units are included in the Healthy Jobs, Health Communities curriculum, a semester-long curriculum that includes a 10-session introduction to workplace laws, sexual harassment, and child labor (Unit III, “Safe Jobs for Youth!”, and a 5-session unit on community environmental health issues (Unit II, “Healthy Communities”).

Occupational Health Branch, California Dept. of Health Services

Offers publications and consultation on health hazards of work.

  • Lead Safety Hotline: (510) 622-4332;
  • Other hazards (English): (510) 622-4317;
  • Other hazards (Spanish): (510) 622-4318;
  • Pesticides hotline (Spanish and English): (800) 492-8402;
  • Asthma and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hotline: (800) 970-6680.
Workers’ Compensation

Division of Workers’ Compensation, California Dept. of Industrial Relations

Has Information and Assistance offices statewide. (800) 736-7401

Employment & Training

California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE)

Training and information for work experience educators on child labor laws, work permits, health and safety, and other issues is available at regional conferences and through the quarterly newsletter.

UTLA/CBEP (United Teachers of Los Angeles, Collective Bargaining Project)

The Collective Bargaining Institute brings together 100 high school students from around the LA Unified School District to participate in a day of mock collective bargaining sessions. Provides labor education to high school students and teachers. 213-386-3144.

California Local One-Stop Career Centers

This link provides a printable county-by-county listing of all California One-Stop Career Centers and access points including addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

California Workforce Association (CWA)

Training, information, and technical support for workforce development professionals is available through regional conferences, newsletters and website resources.

New Ways to Work

Provides a range of services to build connections between schools, community and the workplace. Provides technical assistance, training, customized tools and facilitated support to employers, schools, community organizations, and community collaboratives interested in developing systems that better prepare young people for their future. Provides resources for organizations and individuals interested in implementing flexible workplace practices.

California Department of Education / School-to-Career

(Search: School to Career)

Resources for implementing effective school-to-career systems, designed to bring together educators, business/industry/labor and community-based organizations to integrate academic and vocational-technical education and to more closely align secondary and post-secondary curricula.