Resource Kit

Click below to download individual items from the Resource Kit. Please feel free to print and use any or all of the kit directly from these links. Free printed kits are also available. If you would like a kit or a free full-size poster (or two or three) to supplement your teaching, please contact Emely Heras.

Developed by UC Berkeley’s Labor Occupational Health Program.

Safe Jobs For Youth Month Resource Kit 2019
Previous Teaching Activities
  • 2019 Safe Jobs 4 Youth Kahoot! Quiz (Factsheet) (ANSWER KEY)
  • 2018 Sexual Harassment at Work Kahoot! Quiz (Factsheet) (ANSWER KEY)
  • 2017 Safe Jobs 4 Youth Activities Guide (PDF) (PPT) (Webinar Recording)
  • 2016 “Are You a Working Teen Game Show Activity”(PDF) (PPT)
  • 2015 “Lost Youth” (PDF)
  • 2014 “Workplace Violence Prevention” Curriculum (PDF)
  • 2013 “Safe Work/Work Safe” (PPT)
  • 2012 “Teens Take on Sexual Harassment” (PDF)
  • 2011 “Triangle Tragedy” (PDF) (PPT) **Labor History Activity!
  • 2010 “Heat Safety: It’s Part of the Job (PDF)
  • 2009 “Emergencies at Work” (PDF)
  • 2008 “Why Does Workplace Health and Safety Matter?” (PDF)
  • 2007 “Making the Job Safer” (PDF)
  • 2006 “Identifying Hazards and Solutions” (PDF)
  • 2005 “There Ought to Be a Law!” (PDF) **Labor History Activity!
  • 2004 “Know Your Rights” – Bingo (PDF)
  • 2003 “Identifying & Controlling Workplace Hazards” (PDF)
  • 2002 “Problem Solving for Health and Safety” (PDF)
  • 2001 “Taking Action for Health and Safety” (PDF)
  • 2000 “Legal Rights” (PDF)
Previous Kits