Supplemental Activities

Teens Speak Out for Safety on the Job: Lessons from the Young Worker Leadership Academy

Samples of materials we use to plan and conduct the YWLA are on a CD that accompanies the printed version of the book. All contents of this CD are available here.

  1. Getting Started: Sample YWLA Recruitment Materials
    • Academy materials list
    • Adult recommendation form
    • Individual youth application form
    • Letter requesting local business involvement
    • Recruitment flyer for youth (PDF)
    • Recruitment letter to educators and community groups
  2. Preparing for the Academy: Sample Pre-YWLA Materials
    • Acceptance letter for adult sponsors
    • Acceptance letter for youth participants
    • Are You a Working Teen? factsheet (California version)* (PDF)
    • Final registration form for teams
    • Permission slip and emergency medical form
    • Pre-Academy activity sent to youth participants
    • Rules for youth participants
    • Welcome to the YWLA- mailer for youth participant
  3. At the Academy: Sample Activities and Materials
    • Activities
      • Agenda-Sample-Berkeley YWLA 2008
      • Facilitator’s Guide for YWLA Activities
      • Guide for Ice-breakers
      • PowerPoint® slides for Facilitator’s Guide (PPT)
      • Report form #1-Youth leader statement
      • Report form #2-Project plan
      • Tips for critiquing proposed youth projects
      • Worksheet #1-Interview
      • Worksheet #2-The facts
      • Worksheet #3-Local team caucus #1
      • Worksheet #4-Workplace visit
      • Worksheet #5-Local team caucus #2
      • Worksheet #6-Practice makes perfect
      • Youth participant evaluation form
      • Youth participant certificate (PDF)
    • Materials for Adult Sponsors and Youth Mentors
      • Adult sponsor sessions-Expectations and agenda
      • Evaluation form for adult sponsors
      • Media campaign info
      • Media training kit (PDF)
      • Stipend request form for youth participants
      • Team stipend request form
      • Tips for critiquing proposed youth projects
      • Tips for success with your team
      • Travel reimbursement request form
      • Working as a team
      • Youth mentor evaluation
      • Youth mentor sessions agenda
  4. Post-Academy: Sample Materials for Reporting Back
    • Project evaluation form for adult sponsors
    • Project evaluation form for team
    • Project evaluation form for youth project audience
    • What I Have to Say