Our Materials For Teens

For more information on Teen Rights & Responsibilities, visit our Teen Workers page.

Tip Sheets for Young Employees (by Industry)

Each factsheet lists 5 Steps for Staying Safe on the Job in different industries, including hazards information and true workplace stories.

Are You a Working Teen?

This factsheet answers common questions about working teens, including rights on the job, hazards to look out for, and many more. Click here to order copies of this factsheet.

Are You a Teen Working in Agriculture?

This factsheet answers common questions about teens working in agriculture, including rights on the job, what kind of farm work can be done by teens, and many more.

Sexual Harassment Factsheet

Sexual Harassment is against the law! This factsheet has information on what to do and who to call if you suspect you are being harrassed. Developed by UCLA’s Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program.

So You’ve Got the Job…

This one-page flyer outlines information and resources for young workers. Developed by the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety.